Thinking of buying an air conditioner?

It is good to update yourself about the different types of air conditioners. There are numerous air conditioners available online today. Know how a 3 star air conditioner is different from a 5 star air conditioner online.

Some pointers to be noted before investing in an air conditioner:

  1. Know the need and usage capacity. Know whether you will need the product for a continual usage or for less utility.
  2. Will the power consumption be more?
  3. Understand the expense involved in maintenance and also the total expense while buying the product. Will it be possible to recover the running cost or will more expenses be incurred in the long run?

The star ratings given to air conditioners are a way to know their energy efficiency and the performance of different models, as per prevalent conditions. The standard followed for most products is a minimum 1 star and a maximum of 5 stars. If you follow the ratings and understand it well, the right air conditioner can help in saving your bills. It is like the ‘More the Stars’, the more energy you save, and the lesser will the bill be.

If you want to buy air conditioner online for home use, it would be good to know few things like:
- Are you looking for a multipurpose use?
If yes, then know why you need it for. Know if the usage will be more or less etc. See if you need some added new features like humidity control, air purification etc.

-Split or Window  AC
Window ACs are easy to install, but Split air conditioners are more quieter. Decide which one you need, that will suit your requirement.

-Quality of cooling
The air conditioner should have an adjustable thermostat, with atleast 2 cooling speeds and 2 fan speeds.

Understand the size of the room and decide on the capacity of the air conditioner. Roughly in an area of 120- 140 sq ft, you will need a 1 ton ac.

Price is a very important point to consider. Air conditioners that come with additional features are charged on the higher side. Know the costs before investing in one.

There are clear advantages of using Energy star products. You save money on bills. Lesser energy is consumed. These are environmentally friendly and also more convenient.

However, a lot of it also depends on the usage and consumption. If you have a solid usage or an extensive usage, then it would be wise to invest in a 5 star air conditioner. It would also mean having to maintain it really well.

  • As far as the cooling is concerned, the 5 star air conditioners are more efficient than the 3 star air conditioners, as they consume less power for the cooling they generate.
  • If you end up buying a 3 star ac, where a 1 star ac would have been sufficient, then you will end up wasting power and money too

It is good to know that star ratings are revised annually; eg. The 3-star rating of this year can be better than the 4-star rating of the year that passed. Be abreast of the ratings to avoid getting misguided.