It is always healthy to hunt for a good washing machine online, whether you are single or married. You can browse for a good machine online. This will certainly assist in cleaning dirty linen.  However, having said that it is often quite tricky to shop for ‘the machine’ whether it is a top load or a front load washing machine.

A key and important thing to start with is to browse through an online guide that can assist in helping you buy an apt washing machine. Always try to look for one that fits in your budget and also meets all your washing needs. Most machines come with different functionalities; features, load type and capacity. You can choose from a traditional semi-automatic, a top loader or a front loader.

It is good to answer a few questions in order to understand which machine would work out best for you.

Functionality: If you are on a tight budget and also face water shortage trouble at home, then it would be wise to invest in a semi-automatic washing machine. But if you have a decent budget and there is ample water availability, then you must go for an automatic washing machine.

Capacity: If you have a large family, then you must go for a machine with a higher capacity machine that can carry more clothes for washing.

Size: 1-2 family members | Capacity: 5-6 Kgs.
Size: 3 family members | Capacity: 6-7 Kgs.
Size: 4 family members | Capacity: 7-8 Kgs.
Size: 5 or more | Capacity: 8 Kgs or more.

It is a very important criterion to consider as to how big the family is and how many clothes are needed to be washed on a regular basis. As this is a one time and a long time investment, so rather than settling for just something, it is important to know the requirements and invest in the best available option.

Budget:The features offered on the machine does matter, but nothing else matters as the budget. The budget is the key. A fully automatic front load machine will definitely be on the higher price range. One that is time-saving and also one within the budget can be a fully automatic top-load machine.

Godrej provides a range of highly evolved washing machines. The Godrej Eon range always adjusts to water cuts and power cuts, thus making it truly automatic. The DAC technology further adds on to its multiple facets. It provides innovative features like New Sleep Mode, New Spin Free Mode, New Water optimizer, New Auto Shut, Delay Start, Save Settings,  Fuzzy Logic and new program options. You can check out the various washing machines available online by Godrej, and choose your pick.

Whatever you do, it is necessary to invest in a machine that comes with a washer and a dryer combination, so that there is less effort involved. It is highly advisable to check for energy saving stars on the appliance, a machine with additional features like a display screen, child lock, fuzzy logic etc will be highly useful on any busy day.