Buy a microwave oven from the array of ovens available online. Today a Microwave Oven has become an important appliance of the kitchen. The fast paced life that most of us live demand the need of having a microwave oven.

Microwave cooking is more effective on liquid water than on frozen water. An average microwave oven consumes 1100W of electricity to produce 700W of microwave power. You can continue using a Microwave oven for 10 years and more. It is very essential to know which type of microwave oven online suits your needs the best.

Before investing in one, it is good to ensure you are buying the right microwave oven, so that you are able to cook a meal as well as reheat food in hardly any time. You can go online and choose from an array of ordinary microwave oven or one with inverter technology, available at different prices.

Know a Microwave Oven better

It is a kitchen appliance that is used for heating, reheating and various other purposes. In this appliance, the food is cooked using the heat exposed through microwave radiation. A microwave oven uses less energy as compared to a cook stove; hence is considered to be one of the most efficient appliances.


Know what a Microwave Oven is made of

The Microwave Oven has many elements:

-       a high voltage power source

-       a high voltage capacitor

-       a cavity magnetron

-       a magnetron control circuit

-       a short waveguide

-       a metal cooking chamber

-       a metal wave guide stirring fan

-       a digital/ manual control panel

Inverter Microwaves

An Inverter microwave oven is slightly different from an ordinary oven in terms of the way it has been made. An Inverter Microwave uses power supply with an inverter instead of a magnetic coil or a transformer. It is a more efficient way of cooking than the traditional style. It uses substantially less amount of energy. The advantageous part of Inverter Microwave is that the meal is properly cooked. There are hardly complaints heard of parts of food remaining undercooked or of food getting overcooked in an inverter microwave oven.

If you are a person who would prefer cooking most things in the Microwave Oven, then it is best to opt for an Inverter Microwave Oven, as this is more fast and far more energy efficient than an ordinary Microwave Oven.

In an ordinary microwave oven, the magnetron which produces the microwaves is always at its full power when on. In an inverter microwave oven, the power level of the oven can be adjusted as per the heating load.

The fist inverter based microwave oven was first designed by Panasonic in India. But today, many well known companies have inverter microwave ovens under their brand name. So choose your pick, based on your usage, budget, size option etc and enjoy smart cooking.