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Fully Automatic Washing Machine
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Godrej Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Now forget rinsing and scrubbing with Godrej fully automatic washing machines. Godrej WI EON 550 SD is India’s first washing machine with an inclined drum. An upward facing angle of 15 degreeds for the drum makes loading and unloading clothes from the machine more convienient. It also comes equipped with Direct Drive technology which ensures the machine makes minimal noise during operation. The U-Sonic stain remover available in the WT EON 650 PHU, removes even the most stubborn of stains with just a few swipes. Totally convenient designs, these fully automatic washing machines from Godrej make life simpler and easy. Some of the other features include: Cloth load indicator, Inbuilt water heater, Gravity drum, Cascade waterfall effect, Digital control panel, Detergent mixer and the Aqua jet pulsator.

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