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  1. This offer to participate in the raffle (“Offer”) is valid following the purchase of refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, microwave ovens and/or chest freezers (“Qualifying Products”) of Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. – Appliance Division (“Company”) by any consumer who purchases any one or more Qualifying Product (“Eligible Consumer”) from www.shop.godrejappliances.com, and who thereafter elects to participate in such raffle through an SMS in accordance with the terms of paragraph 6 below (“Participating Consumer”).
  2. This Offer is a voluntary offer made by the Company. Neither this Offer, nor the participation in the raffle by any Participating Consumer, has any direct or indirect relationship with the maximum retail price (“MRP”) of any Qualifying Products as may have been purchased by such Participating Consumer. The MRP paid by a Participating Consumer for any Qualifying Products by an Eligible Consumer will be the sole consideration for the sale of such Qualifying Product to the Eligible Consumer, and purchase of such Qualifying Product by the Eligible Consumer.
  3. This Offer is valid on any Qualifying Products purchased by Eligible Consumers between 1st October 2017and 15th October 2017 (both days inclusive) or the entire stock of such Qualifying Products are sold (“Closing Date’).
  4. This Offer is valid in all states of India except in the State of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
  5. The Closing Date of the Offer may be preponed or extended by the Company at any time and at its sole discretion without giving any prior notice or ascribing any reason.
  6. Upon an Eligible Consumer purchasing any Qualifying Product:
    1. On order confirmation & after successful transaction, the scratch will be couriered to the customer in the registered address.
    2. On scratching the scratch card, a 7 digit unique code will be revealed. If an Eligible Consumer wishes to participate in this Offer, the Eligible Consumer will be required to send SMS with this 6 digitunique code to 09223070107 on or before 20th October 2017 in the following prescribed manner i.e. (godrejapplfestive<space>unique code)
    3. The Participating Customer will receive a return SMS confirming the Participating Customer’s registration in the Offer. The results will be declared, based on random selection of a mobile number through a system, and the winning Participating Customer will be informed via another SMS [at any time within 30 (thirty) days from the Lucky Draw Date]. The SMS will contain details of the prize won by the participating customer.
    4. In case an error message is received by the Participating Customer, the Participating Customer will need to contact the dealer from whom the Qualifying Product has been purchased.
    5. The cost of any SMS messages sent by the Participating Customer will have to be borne by the Participating Customer as per the prevailing tariff plans with such Participating Customer’s cellular service provider.
  7. The Participating Customer whose mobile number is shortlisted by random selection through the system, will be declared to be the winner and will be entitled to receive Rs. 3 lakhs worth of home makeover from Godrej Interio on the prevailing MRP.(“Prize”), subject to the Company verifying, to its satisfaction, each of the particulars set out in paragraph 8 below. The selection of the winning Participating Customer in this manner shall be final and binding with respect to the Participating Customers.
  8. If a Participating Customer receives an SMS identifying him or her as the winner as provided in paragraph  6c above, in order to be eligible to receive the Prize, such Participating Customer will need to undertake each of the following actions:
    1. Contact Godrej Interio representative on the number that would be shared by Godrej Appliances via SMS (to the winners only).
    2. Be present, in person, on the date and at the time and location communicated to the Participating Customer through the process described in paragraph 9(a) above, in order to provide Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. ltd. with the information and documentation described in paragraph 9(c) and paragraph 9(d) below;
    3. Submit to the Godrej representative at the location communicated to the Participating Customer through the process described in paragraph 9(a) above, the original scratch card bearing the unique identification code as sent by the Participating Customer by SMS in accordance with paragraph 6 above.
    4. Submit to Godrej representative at the location communicated to the Participating Customer through the process described in paragraph 9(a) above, copies of (a) official government identification (which shall be either an Aadhar Card, Permanent Account Number (PAN) card or Passport) indicating the identity of the Participating Customer and indicating the residence of the Participating Customer to be in the State of India except in the State of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, and (b) the invoice issued by the relevant dealer to the Participating Customer in respect of the Qualifying Product for which the scratch card was issued to the Participating Customer, indicating (i) the purchase of the Qualifying Product from a dealer located in the State of India except in the State of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, (ii) the Qualifying Product purchased, and (iii) the date of such purchase. The Participating Customer will also be required to present 2 photocopies copies with the originals of each of the documents listed in this paragraph 9(d) for verification of the copies provided.
  9. All scratch cards issued to any Eligible Customers are the property of the Company.
  10. This Offer cannot be clubbed with any other prevailing promotions and offers as may be offered by on or behalf of Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. or any dealer in respect of any Qualifying Products from time to time.
  11. Every purchase of a Qualifying Product makes the Eligible Customer entitled to a single scratch card.
  12. The Prize cannot be redeemed for cash or for any other item and the prize is non-transferable.
  13. This Offer is not valid for any employees and relatives of Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. as well as its subsidiaries and its affiliates.
  14. All disputes related to this Offer shall be subject to the laws of India, and shall be resolved by arbitration, in accordance with the (Indian) Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, by a sole arbitrator appointed by the Company. Subject to such arbitration proceedings, the courts in Mumbai, India shall have exclusive jurisdiction.
  15. This Offer and all matters in connection herewith, including the purchase of any Qualifying Products, participation in the Offer, the award of Prizes to the winning Participating Customer etc. shall be subject to the laws of India, including all applicable tax laws and regulations, as may be applicable from time to time. The Eligible Customers shall be required to bear all taxes in connection with the purchase of the Qualifying Products, in accordance with prevailing tax laws at the time of purchase. The winning Customer shall be required to bear all taxes in connection with the award of the Prize to such winning Customer, in accordance with prevailing tax laws at the time of winning the prize.
  16. The responsibility of undertaking each of the actions set out in paragraph 9 above, including collecting the Prize, is solely that of the winning Participating Customer, and neither the Company, nor the dealer from whom the relevant Qualifying Product has been purchased shall have any responsibility or liability in this regard.
  17. Neither the Company nor the dealer from whom the relevant Qualifying Product has been purchased shall have any responsibility or liability for any lost, stolen or misplaced scratch cards or invoices. Each Participating Customer is required to retain the original scratch card and the original invoice in respect of the Qualifying Product until the later of (a) the Closing Date; and (b) in the event that such Participating Customer has been notified of his or her having been selected as the winner, then until the submission of the documents referred in paragraph 9 above and the award of the Prize to such Participating Customer. Any Participating Customer that is unable to present the original scratch card and original invoice in respect of the relevant Qualifying Product in accordance with paragraph 9 above shall not be entitled to claim any Prize.
  18. Neither the Company nor the dealer from whom the relevant Qualifying Product has been purchased shall be responsible for any cost, expense or other liability whatsoever in relation to, arising from, or connected with the collection of the Prize by any Participating Customer [including but not limited to the coupon or the card].
  19. The Company reserves the right to modify, cancel, extend, or discontinue the Offer, or any part thereof, without ascribing any reason and without any requirement for any prior notice to the Eligible Customers. Any such modification, cancellation, extension or discontinuance of the Offer will be notified to the public on the company’s website -www.godrejappliances.com/GodrejAppliances/festiveoffer
  20. Neither the Company nor the dealer, from whom the relevant Qualifying Product has been purchased, will be liable for any loss, damage, theft, or other misplacement of the Prize after the prize is claimed or delivered to the winning customer.
  21. By participating in the Offer, each Participating Customer hereby irrevocably and unconditionally consents to the terms and conditions of the Offer, including these terms and conditions on this scratch card.
  22. Models or images of the offer prize as indicated in any advertisement or collaterals are representative only and may vary from the actual Prize.
    • The Home makeover is limited to supply and installation of range of Godrej Interiofurniture which includes furniture, mattress, storages and kitchenrange.
    • Kitchen product line includes modular kitchen from Godrej Interio, any civil work, appliances, other allied works will be extra as applicable and will be borne by the winning customer.
    • Godrej Interioproducts can only be availed from their COCO stores, franchisee and/or dealer outlets.
    • The makeover has to be claimed together in lumpsum, it cannot be part claimed. In case the value of selected product exceeds Rs. 3 lakh in MRP then the customer will be required to pay the difference amount. In case the value of the selected products is less than 3 lakhs then the difference cannot be redeemed/refunded in cash or any other way.
    • Installation and delivery will be done as per the standard T & C of Godrej Interio.
    • The makeover from GodrejInterio can be availed up to 31stDecember, 2017 on the prevailing price list.
    • For more details on the Home makeover procedure, please contact the Godrej Interio representative mentioned in point 8a, the Godrej Interio representative shall be contacted between 10 am to 5 pm on official working days and according to the State where the winning customer resides.
  23. Terms & conditions for No Cost EMI offer:
    1. The customer understands that on choosing No Cost EMI payment option using Credit Card, the customer will get a discount upfront equal to the interest cost due to the bank making it effectively no interest cost.
    2. The customer understands that No Cost EMI payment option is available on select products sold by the brand.
    3. The No Cost EMI offer is applicable only for EMI purchase for the duration of 3 months.
    4. The discount applicable on opting for 'No Cost EMI on Credit Card' is being offered exclusively by www.shop.godrejappliances.com and does not amount to EMI/interest waiver extended by the bank
    5. The customer understands and confirm that the customer will need to pay applicable EMI and interest on total value of the order at the time of payment to the bank in accordance with the terms applicable to the credit card. The interest cost charged by the bank over time is being given back to me upfront at the time of this purchase and netted off in the Invoice amount.
    6. The discretion to allow the payment lies with the bank issuing the credit card. www.shop.godrejappliances.com will have no obligation or liability in the event the bank refuses to process the transaction for any reason
    7. The Bank charges annual interest rates according to the reducing monthly balance. In the monthly reducing cycle, the principal is reduced with every EMI and the interest is calculated on the outstanding balance
    8. The customer also understands that if the customer fails in timely payment of EMI, there may be additional interests/penalty which may be levied by the bank which may be higher than the discount offered under this scheme
    9. The minimum order value to avail the EMI payment option is Rs 10,000.
    10. Any returns or cancellation will be as per the return or cancellation policy of www.shop.godrejappliances.com. In case of any kind of return or refund in an EMI transaction, interest already billed in a particular transaction will not be refundable under any circumstances
    11. www.shop.godrejappliances.com will not charge a processing fee for availing EMI option. Bank may however charge processing fee or cancellation charges as per the banks policies. Such charges shall be paid by the customer and will not be refundable even in the event of return or cancellation of the order
    12. Customer may check with the respective bank/issuer on how a cancellation, refund or pre-closure could affect the EMI terms, and what interest charges would be levied on the customer for the same
    13. www.shop.godrejappliances.com retains the right to modify or cancel this scheme at its sole discretion
    14. The customer understands that for select products there may be a constraint on number of transactions per credit card
    15. Customers may be charged service tax or other applicable taxes by the bank for these transactions